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Noah Fasai

Pussy Slayer Acrylic Keychain Charm

Pussy Slayer Acrylic Keychain Charm

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Width: 2 in wide

This keychain charm is made with acrylic and has an epoxy coat. It is only single-sided printing because words are difficult to mirror lol. This acrylic charm features a black lobster clasp to easily attach it to bags, key rings, wallets, whatever you want!

PLEASE NOTE: The keychains have a protective film on the backside. The front does not because it was pre-removed to add the epoxy layer :)



This is a PARODY sticker. I do not own the logo of the original anime and this parody has no affiliations with the original owners.

Due to the usage of commercial printers as well screen display, the colors may slightly vary from what is shown in the listing!

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